Organic berry and coconut slush with tapioca bubbles

With the weather getting warmer I’ve been making smoothies and slush drinks to keep cool. On top of that it’s so easy to make in my Ninja kitchen blender, “that I could not live without!”

I knew that some recipes called for coconut milk but I never thought to add coconut oil into the mix until I seen Kandee’s YouTube video. She uses both coconut milk and coconut oil in her smoothies recipe. Since I already had all the ingredients on had, why not!

I’ve been using coconut oil for my dry scalp because well I was starting to notice dandruff. At first I didn’t think it would make a real difference because I was trying all sorts of remedies with little to no good. As soon as I started using coconut oil it immediately treated the problem. I started using it for all sorts of things like flavoring my food, shaving cream for my legs, chap lips, after shower moisturizer, night eye cream, treat wounds and acne scares.

You can say I was going all out with the coconut oil. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. My mom always used it on me when I was younger plus we had coconut in almost everything we ate. Here’s to mom for always knowing best:)