Organic chop suey and home made organic berry slush bubble drink

Organic chicken chop suey has my favorite since I was little. I remember it being part of every social gathering. From Sunday dinners, family reunions, wedding receptions, and baby shower. Since I’ve been craving some homemade foods I thought this would be a good start. Plus my daughter has been asking for ramen noodles lately I thought what would be better then fresh organic chicken chop suey. I used all her favorite veggies which are organic carrots and organic broccoli. She loved it and I was very surprised how filling the dish was:) To top it off I made an organic banana berry smoothie with tapioca pearls and Hello Panda cookies. I have to admit it was my first time making any kind of tapioca pearl drink & it was so simple to make. Can’t wait to make a tea version of this. Hope your enjoying your Tuesday!! Stay blessed:)









Homemade organic heart nachos

Homemade organic heart nachos

Homemade organic heart shape nachos

Sharing a little love of homemade organic corn nacho chip with ground turkey meat, potatoes and beans… Ummm, nacho chili. i guess, but you get the idea.

My O loves to cook with her mommy in the kitchen and since we got a Easy Bake set I thought this would be a great way to use those cute little cookie cutter. I think I was more excited then she was about how they came out. Not only was it my first time frying them up but it was the best I ever ate… or just as good as the restaurant.

Organic nachos with turkey, beans, and potatoes.

Organic nachos with turkey, beans, and potatoes.

Organic carrot salad

Organic carrot salad

You know how you first eat something fresh like organic fresh shredded coconut, organic carrots (my side salad) or fresh organic cacao brownies (Which I’ll share the recipe in another post), just to name a few. Then you never go back to the store made kinds. Well that is how these nachos taste. Fresh, warm, crisp, crunchy, and yummy organic nacho chips that are HEART shaped. What more can I say then try it…. you “will never go back.”

Well hope your enjoying the first Spring Friday.

Chocolate Fever:)

I ❤ Chocolate & Breakfast… My 2 fav all in 1:) yumm

Nuts And Bolts

IMG_4279Recently I’ve been craving a big stack of pancakes. You know, the kind you order at a diner at one in the morning where the pancakes are as large as the plate they’re served in. My cravings turned into a reality this week when I stumbled upon Minimalist Baker’s recipe for Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes. IMG_4259

  • 1 very ripe medium banana
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 flax egg
  • pinch salt
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 Tablespoon almond butter
  • 1 Tablespoon canola oil (or coconut oil)
  • 3 Tablespoons almond milk (or sub other milk)
  • ½ cup rolled oats
  • ¼ cup whole wheat or unbleached flour
  • 3 Tablespoons semisweet chocolate chips

I substituted the flaxmeal egg with a real egg and the almond butter for unsalted butter simply because that was what I had in my refrigerator.
IMG_4261IMG_4274IMG_4276I topped them with some Agave and enjoyed! These pancakes are truly amazing. They fill you up without the sick “I…

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Juggling, balancing act, and cool tricks at the library

We were at the library a few days ago. On our way there from the playground, we meet up with little cousin, who just got out of day care. My O was very excited to see her favorite grandma aunty and cousin. As well as spend some time with someone either than “mom” or another adult.

Sometimes it makes me think of when I was little, how much I wish I had a sister. Being that is it was kind of lonely being the only girl. Truth be told, really you can’t be that lonely if your surround by brothers. Believe me, I was not alone. 😉 Okay so we got there just in time for a little juggling show. Now my O doesn’t go to school or daycare, so when the show started she was very excited and asked a lot of questions. I was very surprised how she would ask questions about certain words, like “productive” or “gimmick.” (insert surprised FACE!) I don’t know about you but, I don’t even think that was in my vocabulary until I was in 6th or 7th grade. Hehehe!

Oh and she was not shy when it came to volunteering herself and then later suggesting her mommy for one as well. :0)

Fun at the library

Fun at the library

O with a question

O with a question

O and cousin at the library

O and cousin at the library



Now the real reason we were there was to use the kids computer. With O reading more words I figured it would be good to introduce her to the computer games and the basic functions of a computer. Plus the laptop is much harder to navigate around. At this library, it had a kid friendly computer station just for toddlers. The fonts and keys where highlighted and larger then the regular computer keyboard. Once I guided her thru the clicks and scrolling of the mouse, she was working it like a professional. My baby is growing so much… (don’t mind me just having a moment!)
Well, for more fun and free entertainment you can find lost lots in the magic of the library. Have a blessed and fun filled day!

Recycled cardboard doll house closet and paper doll fun!

Okay the title to this post was sort of awkward because I kind of combined two different doll play thingy. (If that is a word. Hehehe!) Well you’ll understand when you see the pictures.

dollhouse closet sbcrafts

recycled Junk mail dollhouse closet

The first couple of pictures is a image of a dollhouse closet I made last year. Which needs a little patching up or new cover. You could use any images from your old magazines that you have on hand, to customize the inside. If you wanted you could use sports magazines, maybe a food magazine, or shoes from a shoe magazine.  In mines I used a Macy’s sales advertiser from 2011. It fit the scale of the recycled dollhouse closet the best. On top of that, It so cute that  I wouldn’t mind wearing everything that I cut out. Don’t you think so?

the inside of our recycled dollhouse closet
soapboxcrafts dollouse closet

dollhouse closet

Now you could use any color scheme that you like I used wrapping paper that was white with pearl shine stripes to cover the outside. The box was recycled from a exercise stretch band that I got as a gift. As for the inside of the dollhouse closet I use the white cardboard from a perfume box, a tooth pick, zebra print duck tape, and computer paper.

do it yourself dollhouse closet

Inside view of dollhouse closet

Last is a view of some of O’s paper dolls that I glued to paper foam. I thought it would make it more durable and last a bit longer instead of plain paper. What would be a fun is to use a magnet sheet instead of foam. Oh and then you can reuse those old cookie tins from how many Christmas ago. If not I’m sure you could find some at the dollar store or your local Thrift store.

do it yourself paper dolls

diy paper doll with foam

It first came to me when we were playing with her tinker bell magnetic paper doll. It was a gift from her cousin on her second year old birthday. The magnetic tinker bell was made with a block instead of paper. But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t try the block version too.

diy paper dolls

do it yourself paper dolls

Well hope your having a great Thursday, our last day of February. I always think of my friend on this month, some years it doesn’t reach day 29. So does that mean, since that day is not on the calender, that they stay a year younger?

Here is to staying young & wishing for younger years to come…. hahaha!

新年好 New Year celebration of Spring

Happy New Year from San Francisco. Every year there would be a parade to celebrate the Chinese New Year or spring festival in San Francisco. Now I never like to be in a crowd but this year I thought it would be great to experience the festivity in person, plus my little girl is a little older now. Being a local girl now it’s only appropriate to commute to the city via of Bart train. So that is what we did,  which is faster and stress free.

It’s funny, two years ago my family took the car to town to be closer to everything.  To everyone’s surprise and horror the car was towed.  So I guess with all the excitement and road work signs, you always try to be cautions so that you don’t get a parking ticket. After the trauma of getting your car towed and fined by the city, there’s always a constant fear of this repeating again. I know it’s silly to think like that every year but it was a year we never forgot.   We laugh about it now…  Hahaha!

Waiting for the BartO gets a ballon animal In the crowdChinees New Year Parade New Year Parade in SF"Hey Sexy Lady"On dad's shoulders Chinese New Year parade 20132013 Chinese New yearPlaying her trumpet with the bandStones statues waving IMG_2093 IMG_2097

新年好 Happy New Year 2013

Rain day Fun!

Hi everyone it’s a rainy day today and so I thought we would try out a koolaid clay recipe for some inside fun. My O loves playing with her homemade clay. Warning, you will be addicted to the candy flavored smell. This is our second time making the koolaid clay recipe. It lasted for about 7 months before making this batch. Not to say it was not any good anymore, but O had mix all the colors into a brownish purple. I guess we won’t be running out of brown clay for a while. Hehehe… It still smelled so sweet!

Here is the recipe for your koolaid clay recipe. You will need:
•sauce pan
•spoon to stir
•1 cup of flour
•1 package of kool aid
•1/4 cup salt
•2 tbsp cream of tartar
•1 cup warm water
•2 tbsp vegetable oil.

Place all dry ingredients in you sauce pan and give it a little stir for an even mix. Next you place your wet ingredient in and mix well. Turn your heat on low and continue to stir until it makes a big ball of dough. Then let it cool for a bit before kneading. Last store into an air tight container in you refrigerator or recycle your empty pickle jars, jam jar, peanut butter jar, or what ever you have.

Okay the sun is out and so are we! Happy Tuesday! 🙂