Recycled cardboard doll house closet and paper doll fun!

Okay the title to this post was sort of awkward because I kind of combined two different doll play thingy. (If that is a word. Hehehe!) Well you’ll understand when you see the pictures.

dollhouse closet sbcrafts

recycled Junk mail dollhouse closet

The first couple of pictures is a image of a dollhouse closet I made last year. Which needs a little patching up or new cover. You could use any images from your old magazines that you have on hand, to customize the inside. If you wanted you could use sports magazines, maybe a food magazine, or shoes from a shoe magazine.  In mines I used a Macy’s sales advertiser from 2011. It fit the scale of the recycled dollhouse closet the best. On top of that, It so cute that  I wouldn’t mind wearing everything that I cut out. Don’t you think so?

the inside of our recycled dollhouse closet
soapboxcrafts dollouse closet

dollhouse closet

Now you could use any color scheme that you like I used wrapping paper that was white with pearl shine stripes to cover the outside. The box was recycled from a exercise stretch band that I got as a gift. As for the inside of the dollhouse closet I use the white cardboard from a perfume box, a tooth pick, zebra print duck tape, and computer paper.

do it yourself dollhouse closet

Inside view of dollhouse closet

Last is a view of some of O’s paper dolls that I glued to paper foam. I thought it would make it more durable and last a bit longer instead of plain paper. What would be a fun is to use a magnet sheet instead of foam. Oh and then you can reuse those old cookie tins from how many Christmas ago. If not I’m sure you could find some at the dollar store or your local Thrift store.

do it yourself paper dolls

diy paper doll with foam

It first came to me when we were playing with her tinker bell magnetic paper doll. It was a gift from her cousin on her second year old birthday. The magnetic tinker bell was made with a block instead of paper. But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t try the block version too.

diy paper dolls

do it yourself paper dolls

Well hope your having a great Thursday, our last day of February. I always think of my friend on this month, some years it doesn’t reach day 29. So does that mean, since that day is not on the calender, that they stay a year younger?

Here is to staying young & wishing for younger years to come…. hahaha!


Rain day Fun!

Hi everyone it’s a rainy day today and so I thought we would try out a koolaid clay recipe for some inside fun. My O loves playing with her homemade clay. Warning, you will be addicted to the candy flavored smell. This is our second time making the koolaid clay recipe. It lasted for about 7 months before making this batch. Not to say it was not any good anymore, but O had mix all the colors into a brownish purple. I guess we won’t be running out of brown clay for a while. Hehehe… It still smelled so sweet!

Here is the recipe for your koolaid clay recipe. You will need:
•sauce pan
•spoon to stir
•1 cup of flour
•1 package of kool aid
•1/4 cup salt
•2 tbsp cream of tartar
•1 cup warm water
•2 tbsp vegetable oil.

Place all dry ingredients in you sauce pan and give it a little stir for an even mix. Next you place your wet ingredient in and mix well. Turn your heat on low and continue to stir until it makes a big ball of dough. Then let it cool for a bit before kneading. Last store into an air tight container in you refrigerator or recycle your empty pickle jars, jam jar, peanut butter jar, or what ever you have.

Okay the sun is out and so are we! Happy Tuesday! 🙂








DIY Recycled Shovel!

Well hope your enjoying your weekend as I am. We had gone to the park the other day and I remember seeing this pin on You take an old empty plastic bottle, like a gallon of milk, then cut out the shape of the scoop. Making sure to use the handle  of your plastic bottle as your handle for the shovel. I used two huge empty distilled white vinegar bottles, which I got for less then $4.oo at Costco, been on a detoxification for household cleaning supplies.  I thought, this would be great opportunity to try it out the recycled shovel idea.

I have more plastic bottles around the house, semi hoarder when it comes to recycled stuff.  I want to start using some of the plastic jugs for a self watering plant pot. Maybe start an herb garden, unless that is something else my O wants to plant. I have to confess, I have a box of package flower seeds that has not been used. Since spring is almost here, it might be a good idea to try those out first. Can’t wait to try it out… now all I need is soil.

Okay out to enjoy the day. Happy Saturday!

DIY plastic shovel

Recycled plastic shovel

DIY plastic shovel

easy DIY recycled plastic shovel

ImageFun with recycled plastic shovel
Tested it out and if works just like the real thing.

Slouchy sweater beanie

Recycled a unwanted sweater into a slouchy beanie. I have to say, they are now my favorite craft to make. After making my first recycled beanie, It got more easy to make. So I made a few and gave them out as christmas gifts. Even the little cut out pieces were used to make sweater bows and rosettes. If you wanted, you could use them to add more detail to your recycle sweater beanie.

Now to make your sweater beanie you will need:
• an old sweater
• scissors
• fabric glue
• optional bows, buttons, beads, or rosettes

So I made my beanie by using the head opening of my sweater for the opening of my beanie. Then I cut my pattern around that the opening. The pattern was cut in three u-shape circles, but make sure that they stay attached at the half. Next glue sweater patterns wrong-side to wrong-side, making sure to keep the glue straight and clean. Lastly, I pinch or bunch the top ends together and then used a small rubber or cotton band to make a little pony tail. Flip the sweater beanie right side out and “voila”.








Happy Sunday


Well it’s a bit cold today but not as much as last week. I attended my first Sunday service with the family since my foot surgery. Been healing from an injury, which is not so fun. But you know what they say, “Good things come to those who wait!” Well, for me, it’s more like waaaay-ting and more waiting… Hehehe!

All this resting has got me on a do-it-yourself mood. Plus the handmade holiday craft gifts. So I wanted to show a few things or gifts that I’ve worked on last month. I made some recycled mittens which you could see on my other blog. Then added a beanie to make it a pair. I used the front of the cardigan for a more detailed look. Then added some fabric rosettes and a bow. Very very cute!

I am kind of sad I did not take a picture of a necklace and ear ring that my daughter had worked on for her grandma. It was a yellow cord with a string of beads wrapped around it. I added a copper like two and a half inch pipe that was center as a pendant. Then to soften it up I added a thick white ribbon to tie behind the neck. It was gorgeous! I mean seriously, I wanted to keep it for myself. I might just make another one for myself or try to get a picture of it.

Okay… Now the picture above is a box that held an old cell phone. I reached to clean out the closet and found it still wrapped in the shopping bag. At first I thought it would be great to hold some pens or markers but my daughter wanted to make it a jewelry box for her grandma. So that what we did.

So she, meaning my daughter, arranged all the pieces of flowers, beads, buttons, nuggets, broken chains and some chocolate clay cupcakes. Everything was hot glued down but if I could I would use something less noticeable. Like a black glue stick color, does that exist?

I really like the look and feel of it. I might redo it, well minus all the shine from the hot glue. 🙂 Hope your having a great Sunday!









Recycled Christmas dollhouse book

Hope your having a great Tuesday morning, afternoon, or evening where ever your at. My week has been a lot of tiding up because my dad is going to be spending some quality time with us. Excited to see him and have O spent sometime with her grandpa. She’s been asking about them for a couple of weeks now. Them meaning grandma & grandpa. Love them both so much as well.

Well, I thought it would be great to post some pictures of a dollhouse book I made. It’s a great way to recycle cardboard boxes that you may have lying around your home. This was a present to my niece… Who has yet to see it. I could not fit it into the large fixed rate mailing boxes they have at the post office. So I’m going to find another way to send it. Remember to measure your dollhouse height if your plan to take advantage of the post office fixed rate shipping boxes. (i hope that didn’t confused you… Hehehe!)

I have to say I never thought I could make one so detailed as I did here. I have a mailbox in front, door bell, and I also glued a bead for the door knob. In the back, there is a back fence, cute little hearts that decorated the door, a tree with a tire swing, a dog house, and little rocks for the walkway.

However you could make it for a little boy by changing the colors or maybe a favorite police station, fire station, or train station. You could go all out and maybe cute a entrance door for the vehicles. Oh and accompany them with some small, cars, little animal friends, and people. Can’t wait to make this for my nephew(s).










Recycled Gingerbread House

Love the suggested title for a first post, “Hello World”, and I guess it’s suitable.

Well the holidays are right around the corner & I thought it would be the best time to show a few projects that I, Yes, used soap boxes and a cereal box. Okay this is very simple. Take your cereal box and open it at the seam. (mine was a large two package cereal) when its opened flip it inside out, then cut and shape. After you can hot glue the side together to secure you gingerbread house.
Next I painted the boxes in the color that was a blend of several colors of browns, for a gingerbread cookie look. I used acrylic paint which gave a matte look to the gingerbread house. Then I used a few markers & my white printer paper to create some candy canes & cookies. I also used some bottle tops for extra decorations. Just paint and hot glue in place. And there you have it!!!
The carpet clearers are done and it’s past someone’s nap time. Until next time keep it simple and have fun. Also great for a rain day like today:0)