Rain day Fun!

Hi everyone it’s a rainy day today and so I thought we would try out a koolaid clay recipe for some inside fun. My O loves playing with her homemade clay. Warning, you will be addicted to the candy flavored smell. This is our second time making the koolaid clay recipe. It lasted for about 7 months before making this batch. Not to say it was not any good anymore, but O had mix all the colors into a brownish purple. I guess we won’t be running out of brown clay for a while. Hehehe… It still smelled so sweet!

Here is the recipe for your koolaid clay recipe. You will need:
•sauce pan
•spoon to stir
•1 cup of flour
•1 package of kool aid
•1/4 cup salt
•2 tbsp cream of tartar
•1 cup warm water
•2 tbsp vegetable oil.

Place all dry ingredients in you sauce pan and give it a little stir for an even mix. Next you place your wet ingredient in and mix well. Turn your heat on low and continue to stir until it makes a big ball of dough. Then let it cool for a bit before kneading. Last store into an air tight container in you refrigerator or recycle your empty pickle jars, jam jar, peanut butter jar, or what ever you have.

Okay the sun is out and so are we! Happy Tuesday! 🙂









DIY Recycled Shovel!

Well hope your enjoying your weekend as I am. We had gone to the park the other day and I remember seeing this pin on pinterest.com. You take an old empty plastic bottle, like a gallon of milk, then cut out the shape of the scoop. Making sure to use the handle  of your plastic bottle as your handle for the shovel. I used two huge empty distilled white vinegar bottles, which I got for less then $4.oo at Costco, been on a detoxification for household cleaning supplies.  I thought, this would be great opportunity to try it out the recycled shovel idea.

I have more plastic bottles around the house, semi hoarder when it comes to recycled stuff.  I want to start using some of the plastic jugs for a self watering plant pot. Maybe start an herb garden, unless that is something else my O wants to plant. I have to confess, I have a box of package flower seeds that has not been used. Since spring is almost here, it might be a good idea to try those out first. Can’t wait to try it out… now all I need is soil.

Okay out to enjoy the day. Happy Saturday!

DIY plastic shovel

Recycled plastic shovel

DIY plastic shovel

easy DIY recycled plastic shovel

ImageFun with recycled plastic shovel
Tested it out and if works just like the real thing.

All natural mildew removal recipes

Well, with the moisture of the winter weather you could be have a slight problem with mildew. So here is a recipe that has helped me in dealing with mildew. Now when this problem came up last winter I would go straight for a spray bottle with bleach solution. But I hated the smell and was very uncomfortable because of how this would hurt my, then 2 years old, O. So I sought out to find a mildew removal recipe.

Okay, here is a recipe that I used but I have to warn you it’s only temporary. If that happens to you just add 2 tablespoons to every cup of vinegar.

All Natural mildew remover recipe
•1 cup of water
•1 cup of white vinegar

(for added strength… I found out that the first ingredient only kept them away for a week )

•2 tablespoon of baking soda and a scrub brush to clean the area after cleaned and sprayed with vinegar formula.