Recycled cardboard doll house closet and paper doll fun!

Okay the title to this post was sort of awkward because I kind of combined two different doll play thingy. (If that is a word. Hehehe!) Well you’ll understand when you see the pictures.

dollhouse closet sbcrafts

recycled Junk mail dollhouse closet

The first couple of pictures is a image of a dollhouse closet I made last year. Which needs a little patching up or new cover. You could use any images from your old magazines that you have on hand, to customize the inside. If you wanted you could use sports magazines, maybe a food magazine, or shoes from a shoe magazine.¬† In mines I used a Macy’s sales advertiser from 2011. It fit the scale of the recycled dollhouse closet the best. On top of that, It so cute that¬† I wouldn’t mind wearing everything that I cut out. Don’t you think so?

the inside of our recycled dollhouse closet
soapboxcrafts dollouse closet

dollhouse closet

Now you could use any color scheme that you like I used wrapping paper that was white with pearl shine stripes to cover the outside. The box was recycled from a exercise stretch band that I got as a gift. As for the inside of the dollhouse closet I use the white cardboard from a perfume box, a tooth pick, zebra print duck tape, and computer paper.

do it yourself dollhouse closet

Inside view of dollhouse closet

Last is a view of some of O’s paper dolls that I glued to paper foam. I thought it would make it more durable and last a bit longer instead of plain paper. What would be a fun is to use a magnet sheet instead of foam. Oh and then you can reuse those old cookie tins from how many Christmas ago. If not I’m sure you could find some at the dollar store or your local Thrift store.

do it yourself paper dolls

diy paper doll with foam

It first came to me when we were playing with her tinker bell magnetic paper doll. It was a gift from her cousin on her second year old birthday. The magnetic tinker bell was made with a block instead of paper. But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t try the block version too.

diy paper dolls

do it yourself paper dolls

Well hope your having a great Thursday, our last day of February. I always think of my friend on this month, some years it doesn’t reach day 29. So does that mean, since that day is not on the calender, that they stay a year younger?

Here is to staying young & wishing for younger years to come…. hahaha!