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Foods With A Smile

Life is unpredictable! We never know when or where it’s going to take a turn. I can say that the same can be said about us all. From the foods we eat to the social habits we’ve submits ourselves to. Yet overall, the chooses we make for ourselves or our love ones are pretty much centered around gaining a better sense of security. For instance a job that secures a pay check, the transportation we take from and to, or the charger that keeps my phone from dying because I can’t logout of my Facebook page. Hehehe… Don’t tell me I’m the only one!

Well, I’ve been away because I’ve been feeling a flood of emotions due to the sudden death of my cousin this past summer. Then there was overwhelming grief of my niece who also passed in the same season. To top it off my daughter’s first day of preschool. I have a hard time trusting her with other people… a mother’s anxiety.

You can say it’s been a struggle and a challenge to get out of bed. Trying to remember appointments, deadlines, or feeling sad every time I see a picture of… Well you know what I mean.

Which is why i wanted to share 5 foods that has helped me to be more happy!
1. First one is smoothies with lots of bananas. Which are a good source of energy.
2. Secondly drinking organic cacao also know as hot coco. Just that bit of spark or kick to make me smile!
3. Staying hydrated with water, lemon water to be exact. My man turned me on to this. I’m telling you every morning feels clear and fresh after my water with lemon. Try it you might be surprised.
4. Creamy coconut milk on fish or curry chicken. (My quick, very easy and yummy go to dinner) “It reminds me of mom’s in the house”
5. Lastly is bright colored veggies like carrots, kale, or my new favorite beets.

I know this is not food related but doing actives like walking, jogging, biking, or just yoga can really help with the stress of the day. Now although I can’t jump up out of this boot cast that I have but it doesn’t stop me from taking time to stretch yoga. So if can do it you can do it too.

Then there is those activities that just takes me away. You know, coloring or painting of course. My daughter and I love doing this together. You know she’s happy when singing or a occasional humming is part of the activity. Lets not forget the spontaneous hugs and kisses. accompanied with little I love you mommy! She melts my heart. So whatever is going in your life I hope your take time to incorporate a little HAPPINESS. Huge hugs and Kisses from my heart to your. Stay blessed everyone.


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