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Happy Grill-cheese sandwich Day

When I woke up this morning I was surprise to see that today was Grill cheese sandwich Day. I mean when was that assigned a day. I don’t even remember it being on the calendar when I was coming up. I think it’s just another reason to eat, which I don’t mind! (Insert SMILEY face)
Since the weather is kind of warm why not have exactly that for lunch. I had everything I needed ready and available in my kitchen to make a organic grill cheese. Now there are lots of ways to make a grilled cheese sandwich and I’ve seen some with ham, turkey, or chicken. But if you make it with organic ground beef would it still be consider a grill cheese sandwich? If so then what is the difference between that and a burger with toasted bread. Well how ever you make it as long as it has the main ingredient, “CHEESE.” I guess… Happy Grill-cheese sandwich Day!




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