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Juggling, balancing act, and cool tricks at the library

We were at the library a few days ago. On our way there from the playground, we meet up with little cousin, who just got out of day care. My O was very excited to see her favorite grandma aunty and cousin. As well as spend some time with someone either than “mom” or another adult.

Sometimes it makes me think of when I was little, how much I wish I had a sister. Being that is it was kind of lonely being the only girl. Truth be told, really you can’t be that lonely if your surround by brothers. Believe me, I was not alone. 😉 Okay so we got there just in time for a little juggling show. Now my O doesn’t go to school or daycare, so when the show started she was very excited and asked a lot of questions. I was very surprised how she would ask questions about certain words, like “productive” or “gimmick.” (insert surprised FACE!) I don’t know about you but, I don’t even think that was in my vocabulary until I was in 6th or 7th grade. Hehehe!

Oh and she was not shy when it came to volunteering herself and then later suggesting her mommy for one as well. :0)

Fun at the library

Fun at the library

O with a question

O with a question

O and cousin at the library

O and cousin at the library



Now the real reason we were there was to use the kids computer. With O reading more words I figured it would be good to introduce her to the computer games and the basic functions of a computer. Plus the laptop is much harder to navigate around. At this library, it had a kid friendly computer station just for toddlers. The fonts and keys where highlighted and larger then the regular computer keyboard. Once I guided her thru the clicks and scrolling of the mouse, she was working it like a professional. My baby is growing so much… (don’t mind me just having a moment!)
Well, for more fun and free entertainment you can find lost lots in the magic of the library. Have a blessed and fun filled day!


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