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新年好 New Year celebration of Spring

Happy New Year from San Francisco. Every year there would be a parade to celebrate the Chinese New Year or spring festival in San Francisco. Now I never like to be in a crowd but this year I thought it would be great to experience the festivity in person, plus my little girl is a little older now. Being a local girl now it’s only appropriate to commute to the city via of Bart train. So that is what we did,  which is faster and stress free.

It’s funny, two years ago my family took the car to town to be closer to everything.  To everyone’s surprise and horror the car was towed.  So I guess with all the excitement and road work signs, you always try to be cautions so that you don’t get a parking ticket. After the trauma of getting your car towed and fined by the city, there’s always a constant fear of this repeating again. I know it’s silly to think like that every year but it was a year we never forgot.   We laugh about it now…  Hahaha!

Waiting for the BartO gets a ballon animal In the crowdChinees New Year Parade New Year Parade in SF"Hey Sexy Lady"On dad's shoulders Chinese New Year parade 20132013 Chinese New yearPlaying her trumpet with the bandStones statues waving IMG_2093 IMG_2097

新年好 Happy New Year 2013


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