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Rain day Fun!

Hi everyone it’s a rainy day today and so I thought we would try out a koolaid clay recipe for some inside fun. My O loves playing with her homemade clay. Warning, you will be addicted to the candy flavored smell. This is our second time making the koolaid clay recipe. It lasted for about 7 months before making this batch. Not to say it was not any good anymore, but O had mix all the colors into a brownish purple. I guess we won’t be running out of brown clay for a while. Hehehe… It still smelled so sweet!

Here is the recipe for your koolaid clay recipe. You will need:
•sauce pan
•spoon to stir
•1 cup of flour
•1 package of kool aid
•1/4 cup salt
•2 tbsp cream of tartar
•1 cup warm water
•2 tbsp vegetable oil.

Place all dry ingredients in you sauce pan and give it a little stir for an even mix. Next you place your wet ingredient in and mix well. Turn your heat on low and continue to stir until it makes a big ball of dough. Then let it cool for a bit before kneading. Last store into an air tight container in you refrigerator or recycle your empty pickle jars, jam jar, peanut butter jar, or what ever you have.

Okay the sun is out and so are we! Happy Tuesday! 🙂









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