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Happy Friday & Recycled Sweater Beanie for toddlers

Hope your enjoying your Friday or Saturday, if your on New Zealand and Apia time. All in all, it’s always a HAPPY time because it’s the end of the week. Time to relax with the family or friends and just let go of all the stress of the week. At least until we start it up again next week. Hehehe!

So I wanted to show another version of the recycled sweater beanie. This is from the same piece that I used for my slouchy beanie. I would say that I was pleasantly surprise how many beanies I was able to make with one sweater. My sweater that I used was a large sweater and I got 4 beanies, 1 slouchy beanie, about 10 bows, 5 rosettes, and enough for a pair of mittens.

This beanie, that O is wearing in the picture below, is one of my favorite. The sweater beanie is slightly bigger but it covers her ears and neck from the cold. There is just something about bows, polka dots, and chocolate desserts that I just can’t resist. “inject smiles” :0) :0)

Okay we’ve got more things to do before I can call it a day. Until next time!





Here is a view of some red lanterns in union square…

Getting ready for Chinese New Year on Sunday!


Love more, laugh more, learn more, and lets make homemade Home Beautiful!


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