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Daily Learning Folder for 3 years old toddlers

I put together a learning folder for O to use everyday. Why? Well the best way to learn or remember anything is to do it everyday. This folder consist of morning routine, your basic ABC chart, colors, shapes, calendar, and months of the year. Now I looked at several other ideas of learning or teaching for young toddlers and this is just some things that I incorporated into her daily learning, Ah “what do you call this”… Routine! The folder is so convenient that we take it in the car on those busy mornings.

Here are the things i used:

  • folder and
  • plastic sheet protectors (i can’t remember the other name for them??)
  • Printed out lists of colors and shapes
  • cut out color foam to match each word
  • sharpie marker to write the matching word on each foam.

O quickly matched the words to the related foam cards. After a week I decided to test out how much she really was retaining or if she was memorizing a pattern. I took the list of words and cut them out and then mixed it up. At first she was hesitant to the challenge, as so we all are at times. So I started her off with half and praised her every time she got it correct. As soon as she accomplished the first half of the stack, she eagerly wanted to finish the other half. She loves all the attention and high 5’s.

Okay so we’ve been using her learning folder everyday for one month, except Sundays and some Saturdays. O recognizes each word without the help of the colorful foam. I waited for about 3 weeks before I introduced her to the flash cards. Now I’m very excited to say that my toddler is reading each word about 98% of the time.

I think I’m going to apply this same method of learning for more words, like different animals, furniture, or gestures. I have this idea for a peek-a-boo farm house book or a Noah’s ark book. I’ve made a few dollhouse books for presents so maybe I could do it the same way. If you want to check that out, dollhouse book.

Hope this helps or inspire someone to make learning for toddlers more fun. Remember to share your success and tips in the comment section.

Love more, laugh more, learn more, and lets make homemade Home Beautiful!






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