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Slouchy sweater beanie

Recycled a unwanted sweater into a slouchy beanie. I have to say, they are now my favorite craft to make. After making my first recycled beanie, It got more easy to make. So I made a few and gave them out as christmas gifts. Even the little cut out pieces were used to make sweater bows and rosettes. If you wanted, you could use them to add more detail to your recycle sweater beanie.

Now to make your sweater beanie you will need:
• an old sweater
• scissors
• fabric glue
• optional bows, buttons, beads, or rosettes

So I made my beanie by using the head opening of my sweater for the opening of my beanie. Then I cut my pattern around that the opening. The pattern was cut in three u-shape circles, but make sure that they stay attached at the half. Next glue sweater patterns wrong-side to wrong-side, making sure to keep the glue straight and clean. Lastly, I pinch or bunch the top ends together and then used a small rubber or cotton band to make a little pony tail. Flip the sweater beanie right side out and “voila”.









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