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Monday’s energy bar

Happy Monday everyone! I got 2 bags of banana last week from my local Costco for about a dollar and some change. I woke up this morning and notice that it was starting to over ripen. Now I wanted to try out some DIY recipes for my hair but i would still have a lot left over. I decided that i would cut some up to freeze for a smoothie. Then I remember a quick breakfast I did for my nieces a few visits ago. It was one of those random experiments that I came up with out of the blue. With all the nutritional benefits of a banana, this would be a terrific way to add some needed energy for the morning.

Now I didn’t add the confectioner sugar at the end, like i did before. I didn’t want to add more sugar because the banana already has it’s own natural sweetener. So here it is an all natural banana energy bar. It is very easy and it’s simplicity is what makes it convient.

All you need is your favorite pancake batter, sliced bananas, butter, a frying pan, and a fork or spatular. All you do is dip the sliced bananas into the batter, then on your buttered pan and let it cook until golden brown on each side.

I used a gluant free flaxseed pancake mix, which you can read about here. It came out very soft on the inside because I slow cook them on medium low. Now if your looking for a more crispy taste I suggest that you use dry flour and olive oil or frying oil to cook the bananas for a more crispy crunch. Just coat the slices on the top and bottom instead of all over.



Hope your having a great Monday 🙂


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