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Recycled Christmas dollhouse book

Hope your having a great Tuesday morning, afternoon, or evening where ever your at. My week has been a lot of tiding up because my dad is going to be spending some quality time with us. Excited to see him and have O spent sometime with her grandpa. She’s been asking about them for a couple of weeks now. Them meaning grandma & grandpa. Love them both so much as well.

Well, I thought it would be great to post some pictures of a dollhouse book I made. It’s a great way to recycle cardboard boxes that you may have lying around your home. This was a present to my niece… Who has yet to see it. I could not fit it into the large fixed rate mailing boxes they have at the post office. So I’m going to find another way to send it. Remember to measure your dollhouse height if your plan to take advantage of the post office fixed rate shipping boxes. (i hope that didn’t confused you… Hehehe!)

I have to say I never thought I could make one so detailed as I did here. I have a mailbox in front, door bell, and I also glued a bead for the door knob. In the back, there is a back fence, cute little hearts that decorated the door, a tree with a tire swing, a dog house, and little rocks for the walkway.

However you could make it for a little boy by changing the colors or maybe a favorite police station, fire station, or train station. You could go all out and maybe cute a entrance door for the vehicles. Oh and accompany them with some small, cars, little animal friends, and people. Can’t wait to make this for my nephew(s).











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