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Recycled Gingerbread House

Love the suggested title for a first post, “Hello World”, and I guess it’s suitable.

Well the holidays are right around the corner & I thought it would be the best time to show a few projects that I, Yes, used soap boxes and a cereal box. Okay this is very simple. Take your cereal box and open it at the seam. (mine was a large two package cereal) when its opened flip it inside out, then cut and shape. After you can hot glue the side together to secure you gingerbread house.
Next I painted the boxes in the color that was a blend of several colors of browns, for a gingerbread cookie look. I used acrylic paint which gave a matte look to the gingerbread house. Then I used a few markers & my white printer paper to create some candy canes & cookies. I also used some bottle tops for extra decorations. Just paint and hot glue in place. And there you have it!!!
The carpet clearers are done and it’s past someone’s nap time. Until next time keep it simple and have fun. Also great for a rain day like today:0)



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